Casa Dell’Arte Hotel

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The first and only art hotel in Turkey, Casa Dell’ Arte, is a hotel dedicated to the art enthusiasts. Each and every stone, painting or sculpture at the hotel is an original artwork. Luxury design hotel Casa Dell’Arte, situated at Torba Bay, one of Bodrum’s most enchanting spots, offers a novel resort concept which merges the merits of sea, sun, a rich range of flavours and art.

The Casa Dell’ Arte Hotel has 12 guest rooms, each of them decorated in a different unique style with different artworks on display. The Casa Dell’ Arte resembles a contemporary art museum. It is possible that the first thing guests will see is a Fikret Mualla painting, to have breakfast aside a Komet and to regard the endless blue under the shadow of a famous sculpture.

Its Gourmet Restaurant, Guest Kitchen, Garden Bar, a private jetty and a private beach are only some of the privilages that Casa Dell’Arte Hotel offers to its guests. In the hotel, where every detail is conceived masterly, also the guests who would desire a blue getaway during their vacation were thought of.