THE QUINTESSENCE OF THE ADRIATIC – PALMIZANAPalmizana is a small island near Hvar that enjoys a tropical climate and the largest number of sun hours per day in the Mediterranean. The Meneghello family has, over the past century created a unique resort, based on a harmony between culture and nature and rooted in an ethos of respect for both.[singlepic id=2829 w=320 h=240 float=]The Meneghello family settled in Palmizanan in the 18th century. In the early 20th century Eugenio Meneghello, a botanist, turned the estate into an early eco resort. And the bohemian Arcadia that he built is still run by his descendants along the lines he envisaged. Today, Palmizana is a green, ecological paradise, a sanctuary from the stresses of modern civilization.The resort is 100 years old and is pioneering a new, ecologically oriented tourism in Croatia, and comprises three hundred hectares of uninhabited virgin wilderness. In the pine forest there are a dozen bungalows, four villas and six apartments. The bungalows are picturesque houses with private terraces, each one different from the other and just a few metres from the sea.Their internal decoration is typically Mediterranean and has been further enriched by original work from contemporary Croatian artists. Each bungalow divides into two rooms: a bedroom, in some cases situated in a loft, and a living room that, when needed, can be transformed into a second room. In this fashion each single unit can accommodate from three to six people. Возьму кредит в Липецке на отдых. All the guests who stop off at Palmizana while sailing will be pleasantly surprised to discover this gastronomic heaven. The restaurant, as well as serving excellent food, is extremely colourful, with driftwood sculptures and paintings donated by visiting artists. The nightlife of Hvar is only fifteen minutes away. The state also offers a massage parlour and yoga courses.[singlepic id=2827 w=320 h=240 float=center]THE MENEGHELLO ESTATE IN PALMIZANA CAN ORGANIZE BY REQUEST*:Creative Dalmatian cuisine and local history coursesFolkloristic shows and popular chants with the famous KlapeBoating and wooden gulet cruisesTrekking and naturalistic trailsWalks along the island’s ancient paths to discover the old villagesGuided tours to the rosmary and lavander plantationsGuided tours to the wine cellars and vineyards of HvarGuided tours to the secular olive trees with olive oil tastingsGuided tours to archaeological sites with university professors.Art workshopsMusical workshops* only in the months of April, May, September, October and NovemberAll photos of Palmizana © Ivo PervanPalmizana is a small island in the South Adriatic, renowned for having among the most hours of sunshine in the Mediterranean. It is part of the Pakleni archipelago, positioned south of the island of Hvar. The Meneghello family’s estate on the island comprises 300 hectars of uninhabited virgin territory – a protected nature preserve, known for its lonely sand beaches and distinctive stone bungalows (60 beds) surrounded by an exotic botanical park and crystal-clear sea.Palmizana is a unique holiday resort, offering a different kind of holiday, in harmony with nature, peaceful and quiet. Palmizana was declared one of the “10 Dream Points of the Adriatic” in 1999. In a poll by the Cruising World Magazine thousands of yachtsmen voted the coast of Croatia the most beautiful in the world. And the Traveller Magazine has voted the island of Hvar one of ten most beautiful islands in the world.And what would Hvar be without its archipelago and Palmizana? So you don’t have to take it only from us that Palmizana is one of the most beautiful places in the world.