Sardinia & Corsica Yacht Charter

Sardinia and Corsica have the most diverse coastlines of the Mediterranean which makes an extraordinary sailing destination for any sailor.The fact that the wind conditions around Porto Pollo in northern Sardinia are the most constant means that most sailors are to be found on the Costa Smeralda. There are two winds which ensure the perfect conditions for dynamic sailing – the Sahara wind Chirocco and the Maestrale, which blows down from the North. The Maestrale mostly blows along the west coast, a very powerful W to NW wind; while a S to SE wind prevails on the east coast.

If you charter a bareboat in Sardinia’s waters you should either be a very competent sailor yourself or take an experienced skipper with you. It is also very important to familiarise yourself with the area’s nautical literature and navigational requirements.

This area is also renowned for attracting a great number of large crewed yachts. We can offer an extensive choice of these boats for charter. As a result of this popularity there are a number of local marinas well equipped to cater for their needs.