Turkey – Annual Bodrum Cup, Turkish gulets racing

The 21st International Wooden Yacht (Gulet) Regatta started on Wednesday, 28th October, but the second day into the race has been interrupted by strong winds. The set route was 25 nautical miles from Gündo?an to Didim. Gulet ‘Dreamland’ was a referee yacht during the Regatta.
After the start at 10 a.m. from Apostol Island, the speed of the winds reached about 40 kilometers per hour. The waves were around four meters high which considerably slowed down the gulets.
After six nautical miles of sailing, 14 gulets had to withdraw. Some gulets returned to Gündo?an Bay, while the other gulets were given a permission to put the sails down and advance to the finishing line in Didim by engines.
Despite the weather conditions, this stage had a great audience from the shores.
The Bodrum Cup promotes the world-famous Bodrum gulets. The gulets traditionally date back three thousand years ago.
The Bodrum Cup was first organized in 1989. This gulet sailing event was launched with the aim of encouraging sailing activity during yacht charters and helping charter crews develop their sailing skills and interests. The cup race has been held on the beautiful “blue voyage” courses which the charters use during summers to impress their clients, such as Datça, Ekincik, Gökova Bay, Güllük and Mandalya Bay.

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