High Point YachtFest 2010 – Which destination?!

We have already started thinking about the 2010 destination for www.highpointyachtfest.eu . It has to be in the Mediterranean, but while the fleet is small we need to use that to visit smaller places where bigger fleet can not fit. Three top destinations for this sailing event (to take place in October 2010) are: Sardinia and Corsica, Elba, south/west coast of Italy, from Salerno. We would not exclude Greece either. So the question is, where can one still expect some nice and warm weather in October but also have some good winds. We shall be looking into interesting places as many like meeting different cultures and tasting different cuisine. We shall be sailing again for a week, from port to port (or anchorage). This event, although competitive, is ideal for any kind of experience, so the beginners are very welcome!

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